Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Updated Visual Budget for 2015

2014 went by like a blur and now with an extra child and more expenses, as well as higher income, I just wanted to update what my budget would be in terms of days at work.

At my current income level and current house, it takes about 4 days of work to pay the mortgage, about 4 days for retirement, 2.5 days for food and about 4 days left over for savings.  Up in our budget is our expense for kids activities.  One day of work covers that for the month.  

This coming year, we are looking to buy a house as well as send one of our girls to private school.  A new house at our price range would be about 9 days worth of work or an increase of 5 days.  Private school is another two days of work (and that is just for my eldest child).  If all things remain equal, I would have to cut back considerably in my retirement savings as well as my miscellaneous spending. Or just work more overtime.  But I will think about that later.

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