Thursday, October 11, 2012

Net Worth September 2012

Looking at our accounts recently showed me that just like any free market economy, competition is good for all.  However, I'll just leave it at that.  Elections are coming up, QE3, jobs report and other factors have pushed our house property values up, stock prices have increased a bunch, silver/gold prices have gone up.  Are we getting to a point of increased inflation to the detriment of the dollar again?  A weaker dollar would be good for exports.  Who knows.  In any case, I'm working hard to make that bonus at the end of the Fiscal Year.

Hope I get it.  Supervisor probably wasn't thrilled that I saved all that work for the last bi-week.

Here is the latest standings. Judging from our current net worth, we are up 50% from last year.  That's an incredible jump, largely from many houses in our community being sold 30-40% higher than they were last year including our neighbor's house.  We're hoping he doesn't move, but it would definitely help push housing prices up.

My next financial move: refinance to 15 year loan, current interest rate 2.75%.

Next Question: Should I get HELOC and start investing in the stock market as well?  I'm feeling a bit greedy recently due to all this free money floating around.

Well, until next time, I hope to update more regularly.