Friday, July 1, 2011

Midyear Review: Overall Expenditures

So here are our latest numbers:

Home = $1361/month
Giving = $893/month
Food = $595/month
Auto = $407/month
Travel = $357/month
Utils = $340/month
Misc = $250/month

How does it compare with original budget?

23% Mortgage
17% Giving
11% Food (groceries, eating out)
7% utils (phone, gas, electric, internet, water)
7% auto (gas, insurance, etc)
5% travel
3% Education
3% misc
24% savings/investment

We are currently OVERSPENDING: FOOD ($50/month), AUTO ($50/month), TRAVEL ($100/month)



Our travel budget was used up earlier this year with winter vacation and trip to Cali. It'll even out if we don't do any major traveling for the rest of the year...

As for food and auto, I think these are ok. I might have been too conservative with the numbers. I'm going to check again with auto insurance to see if maybe we can reduce that expense. Considering that we have nearly 30 people in our house every Thursday for bible study... AND we've been feeding them, I think we are doing VERY well keeping costs down.

As for giving, we have not been tithing regularly... so that's something we need to be more consistent in doing. We have been however, generous to other causes, but I think we still need to be consistent in supporting our local church.

Okay, until then, WHAT CAN A BUDGET DO FOR YOU?

Net Worth: June 2011

Ok, so half way through the year. We in a bit of a slump, but seems like stocks are recovering. We just spent $350 moving a piano, $200 on a new tv, and another $200 on food... this was all this week. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but it's ok. I think we are ahead this month. We're kinda behind for the year, but small victories, right?

Here is our latest: