Saturday, June 18, 2011

Promotion or No Promotion

I still remember Star Trek IV when Admiral Kirk was demoted to Captain Kirk. Kirk was adventurous and throughout his career he was saved the Federation many times over. But as he got older, he was placed in a "desk" job. Becoming admiral meant he was overseeing other captains. His adventure days were over. Kirk's heart however was in the adventure. His promotion only brought him sadness and regret.

As the movie came to an end, Kirk was before Starfleet council and he was under trial. Because he disobeyed a direct order or something from Starfleet, they had no choice but to reprimand him. THey took away his desk job and demoted him to Captain and gave him command of the Enterprise. This was actually a way to reward him, but outwardly it was a "demotion." But inwardly, Kirk was ecstatic, this was his dream, to command a starship once again.

So... what's your dream? What's the "Enterprise" of your life? Does the next promotion bring you closer or further away from the Enterprise of your life? Or are you content at where you are?

I'm actually at that place right now. After the end of this quarter, I have the opportunity for a promotion. This however means more cases each week and probably more responsibility in terms of the cases I do. I currently spend over 15 hours each week doing church stuff, a little bit over 30 hours of flexible/family time, 6 hours physical activity and 12 hours for personal reading/television time. My work time is spread throughout the week and would probably use more just to do the extra work.

In any case, evaluating my spending habits, my time with family, our giving, and other financial/time constraints, an extra 2 cases a bi-week should be doable. I just have to be vigilant in maintaining the right schedule and discipline.

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