Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Productivity: Maximizing Time

Time is another commodity that we have that is limited.  Like money, unless we budget it and know where it is going, our time will slip right through us.

The past couple of weeks I have encountered this verse in scripture. Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days, that we may gain wisdom.

Our life is finite.  We will die someday.  We need to balance the possibility that we may die tomorrow with the fact that we may live to 80-90 years old.  It requires wisdom to say "yes" to important things and "no" to not so important things.  It requires wisdom to put down toys and other time wasters to spend time with loved ones and building relationships.  It requires wisdom to say no to good things, and say yes to best things.

Here are some tips I've been reading about:

- Wake up an hour earlier
- Streamline email
- Do similar tasks in blocks
- Use a TIMER
- Learn how to delegate
- Hire Great People

Another great technique is mapping out your week.

Setting a weekly schedule like this and seeing where you are wasting time and what times you are most productive helps.  I set my workout in the mornings, and so every morning after waking up I go straight to the basement to get it done.

Gray: Personal disciplines exercise and reading
White: Flexible time with family
Blue: Work
Blue striped: work, but flexible
Red: meal times with family
Yellow: Church time

Overall, I've noticed that as I get more systematic with my budget, other areas of my life becomes more disciplined as well.  This includes diet, exercise, spiritual activities, family time, etc.

How do you number your days?  Are you using it to further your goals or are you wasting it away?

Your life is limited.  You may die tomorrow or in 80-90 years.  What will you do with it?

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