Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finance Update: March 2011

As the end of quarter approached this past Monday, I was able to put in nearly 50 hours of overtime at work.  In the process, we have paid down our $14k loan from my retirement plan to less than $2k.  Putting in $800 each paycheck to pay down this debt.  I wouldn't recommend borrowing from retirement for future reference.  I think had we left our money in the TSP, it probably would have grown to about $80k+, but because of borrowing, it is about $10k shy at nearly $60k.

Our college fund has continued to grow from less than $2k a year ago to nearly $5k, thanks in part to continued funding and the rise in the stock market.

I hope to continue to rack up more overtime as well as pursue other interests.  Our trip to California was pretty hefty.

Plane Tickets = 4x$300 = $1200
Rental Car = 7*40+tax = $330
1 night hotel = $70
Gas = $75

Total = $1675

Thanks to family and friends we were able to keep most of our costs to a minimum especially food and lodging.

In any case our travel expense for 2011 is pretty high considering our road trip earlier in the year.

So for now, I'm hoping to put a pause on our traveling and settle down to save some money.

What can a budget do for you???

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