Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just came back from our vacation... here's the break down:

16 states, 15 days, 3 hotels, 3839 miles, 140 gallons of gas, lots of food, lots of burgers, lots of fries...

Hotels: $466.26
Gas: $406.48
Rental Car: $336.89
Eating out: $217.27
Misc Shopping: $140.42

Total Vacation: $1567.32

We were treated to a lot of food and received a lot of gifts along the way. It was a blessing to us and we hope a blessing to others to see the kids. In any case, this trip averaged about $391.83/person.

Which means I needed to budget about $130/month for this trip. This year we spent about $2,188 (traveling from Jan to Nov) and $803.15 (Rental and Hotel for Dec) totalling $2,991 this year.

This means we need to budget about $250/month for an annual travel budget. Some years we might travel less, but with the two girls getting bigger and the possibility of more children, we're going to have to find ways to cut back on hotel costs, rental costs, and meal related costs.

$250/month is about 5% of after tax income. That's a big chunk. But that's a part of our life that we decided would be good for our family. Both educational and maintaining relationships.

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