Monday, January 3, 2011

Budget for 2011

Looking at our budget for last year and how much we actually spent. This is my proposed budget for this 2011

23% Mortgage (HOA, insurance, tax, mortgage)
17% Giving (tithes, charities, missionary support, gifts)
11% Food (groceries, eating out)
7% Utils (phone, gas, electric, internet, water)
7% Auto (gas, insurance, etc)
5% Travel (hotel, rental, airline tickets)
3% Education (tuition, books, etc)
3% Misc
24% Savings/Investment (Roth IRA, TSP, 429)

Here is a breakdown of our Net Income month by month for 2010.

Here is a breakdown of our spending by Category for 2010.

Hopefully we can carry this on to 2011.

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