Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 4th Quarter Expense Report

Here's the 4th quarter expense report for 2010.

4th Quarter Income: $17.5k
4th Quarter Expense: $11.4k
4th Quarter Net Income: $6.1k

Thanks in part to my bonus coming in and some overtime worked in the last quarter we were able to do fairly well. I hope to match this this coming quarter (now that I know overtime can be done with a little bit of effort).

So here's the breakdown:

30% Gifts and Donations
20% Home
12% Food and Dining
10% Auto and Transport
10% Bills and Utils
8% Travel
5% Shopping
5% Misc

As you can see, housing was actually down this quarter due to the refinance. We did not have a mortgage payment in December. Auto and Travel expense was on the high side due to the front end of our Christmas vacation.

We have been very blessed this year and was able to give away almost $4k at the end of the year, including one organization that reaches out to North Koreans, our church tithe, support of missionaries and other year end gifts.

In looking at this new year, I hope you can say with me how much a budget has helped you.

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