Thursday, December 23, 2010

Planning for the future: Establishing a legacy

We picked up a free book on personal finance by pastor Jamie Munson from Mars Hill Church Seattle. Chapter 13 is a good chapter and talks about a similar planning type strategy that I hope to evaluate at years end. Excerpt from Money: God or Gift by Jamie Munson...

What would we like to see in ourselves and in our family in the next 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 years?

What would it look like? I actually expand on some of them with more questions to help push me to next steps.

Walk with Jesus - Who will be impacted by my walk with Jesus? A particular age group, culture, neighbor, family member? In what ways will I walk in holiness, seek greater faith in doing, serving? How am I growing in grace?

Giving - How much will I give between today and my last day? Have I given generously throughout my life, and will I continue to do so through my estate? How have I planned my investments to give to be as generous as possible, as consistently as possible, and as sacrificially as possible?

Family - What will my family look like? How many children? Where will we live? What kind of education do I want my kids to have? What kind of relationship do I want with my wife? How am I building these relationships? What am I teaching my children to teach their children and their children's children?

Friendships - Who will my friends be? To whom will I have been a friend? What kind of friend will I be? Who have I befriended that is further down the road with more experience that I can learn from? Who have I befriended that is a newbie that I can speak my life into?

Mission - What will I have done in obedience to Jesus' commandment to "make disciples of all nations" and fulfill the Great Commission? In what ways am I doing this now?

Career - What will I have spent my life working on or working for? What kinds of skills will I need? What type of continuing education will I need? What types of mentors am I seeking out?

Housing - Will I pass on real estate as part of my legacy? Where do I want to live? How much room do I need, how much parking? What type of kitchen does my wife like? What kind of office do I need?

Finance - What will I leave behind financially and to whom? Where will the money God has entrusted to me have the greatest impact for the gospel? Am I being a good steward with my purchases? How is my budget? Are there excesses that I can cut out? Am I saving for future expenses including college, retirement, house, etc.?

Note: italics are my questions to ask...

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