Monday, December 6, 2010

A Christmas Carol

Just watched Disney's A Christmas Carol with my kids off Youtube! As I was watching the character of Scrooge McDuck, I couldn't but help notice the similarities I have with him.

He is very meticulous in counting his money and doesn't let anything go to waste. He is very stringent on how he spends especially on frills and other things. Not even a piece of coal to heat up his office. There's enough heat to go around.

The one thing that got to me was when he went with the Spirit of Christmas Past and saw the girl that he loved. He was engaged to her for 10 years and finally she gave him the ultimatum. Do you love me or do you love your money more? Not even looking at his girlfriend, he gives her a foreclosure notice for a payment that was one hour late.

Oh, how easy our hearts are captivated by things of secondary and tertiary concerns. Money as with is a tool for building relationships, to be used for charity and security but when it becomes primary in one's life it turns into a god. That's why scripture is so clear concerning money: it warns us to flee from the love of money. Not to be lovers of money, but rather lovers of God... For us not to store for ourselves treasure on earth, but store treasures in heaven... concerning charity to give in proportion to how much you make... in all things, to be generous since God has been so generous to us.

May God bless you this Christmas with a change of heart... not like the Scrooge of Christmas past, but the repentant and compassionate Scrooge after he wakes up.

(around the 3:30-6:00 mark)

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