Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 3rd Quarter Expense Report

Well, here's the latest in terms of our bills for 3rd quarter. In comparison with 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter we had a few extra expenses.

3rd Quarter Income: $14.2k
3rd Quarter Expense: $16.8k
3rd Quarter Net Income: -$2.6k (DEFICIT)

We spent about $16.8k in Quarter 3 and made $14.2k in salary.  So net income down $2.6k this quarter

(29%) In preparation for our refinance, we had paid down a considerable amount of principle,
(27%) gifts due to weddings and tithes and offerings, and support, 
(17%) I also decided to continue my classes.  I had taken 1 year hiatus,
(10%) food was average,
(7%) auto - gasoline, insurance and shipping "george" to Texas
(5%) util bills lower than expected but we had fraud alert on our cell phones, so didn't actually receive the final bill until October, so I'll expect a higher 4th quarter bill for utilities.
(3%) went to shopping a bulk went to buying pillow pets... ehem...
and all others... you do the math.

This was a bit more spent than we budgeted for in Quarter 3.  I don't like seeing the $2.6k deficit, but I did make it up end of the year with some overtime...

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