Thursday, October 28, 2010

Net Worth OCT 2010 (+3.94%)

This was a large boost in the investments.  I worked some overtime, so also a big boost in salary this month.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Budget Auto: October 2010

Just examined our driving habits for the past 6 months.  Ouch... we spend a lot of money on our cars.

Gas and Fuel is up $1100 for the past 6 months.  Or on average about $180/month.  At $2.80/gallon that comes to about 1300 miles/month.  We are on average driving a little less, but with the loss of George (our honda civic) our gas mileage has dropped to around 20-21mpg.  I drive my truck to work maybe once or twice a week, but also have class twice a week meaning... 60 miles round trip for work or 40 miles round trip for class.  That comes to be about 120 + 80 = 200 miles = 10 gallons of gas which is about $30 just for work and class/week.  Kind of a waste, but been looking for better ways of reducing this cost. 

Thinking of selling my truck and getting a smaller car (used).  This would be ideal.  Let's see what happens.

So average over these two years was $376/month or a little over 7.5%. This could defintely be better.