Thursday, September 30, 2010

Net Worth Sept 2010 (+17.5%) And UPDATE

Ok, enough talk about refinance.  It's a great idea and as we are awaiting closing, here's an update of our net worth for month ending September.

Mint now uses Zestimate to appraise the house. It came out to be $233k opposed to the previous $217k so from that perspective our net worth has increased dramatically, but I know paper value is no value at all (gain of about 7.3%).

In our investments we have made tremendous gains as well. Last month was at $68.5k but thanks to the rally in the market it has spiked to $75.5k an almost 10% return in one month.

So overall, our networth has increased by a value of 17.5% if you include the house, or about 6.6% without the house. Not bad.

Today is end of fiscal year at work. I have produced 110% at work which means BONUS + I finally worked some overtime (which meant doing more work than I had to). This 40hours of extra work + bonus = faster savings/payoff of house.

Why didn't I think of this earlier? I think I did think of this, but just too lazy to implement. In any case, I'm not sure how sustainable all this overtime is, but I'll try my best.

On a side note, I have continued to attack the remainder of my seminary degree in full force. I have completed 23 credits in the past 3 years. I am taking 5 credits this semester, plan to take 4 credits in the winter, and 9 credits in the spring. This will take me to 19 credits to go for the Masters in Religion.

I first started taking classes once I was laid off from my teaching position and started at my current gig. Now that my learning curve has ramped up, I am able to do more work with better quality at a much more efficient rate. As a result, I have more time to study. I hope to finish before 2012, God willing. haha.

So goals for the next 5 years:
- Finish MAR degree (Goal Spring 2012)
- Get my next promotion at work (Goal 07/2011)
- Possibly work from home (Goal 12/2012)
- Have more KIDS!! (TBD)
- Buy a new house to fit more kids (TBD)

Near term goals:
- Continue serving at church with teaching duties
- Create/establish home school curriculum for my girls
- Increase production to 120% plus 40 hours of overtime per bi-week
- Refinance house - reduce mortgage w/ possiblity of renting/buying a new place

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