Monday, August 9, 2010

Inflation... Part II

Just came to this realization while talking to a college student. I was talking about my weight. After high school, I was probably at the fittest period of my life since I was running track and exercising every day. I was about 135lbs (that was 1995). Fast forward to the end of college. I think I was about 150lbs (1999). Fast forward to now 2010. I weighed 185 at the beginning of last week.

Over a 15 year time span, I gained FIFTY POUNDS. But if you do the simple division, 50/15 that would only equate to about 3.3 lbs a year. How can that be? Who would have thought that gaining 3 and a third pounds a year would bring me fifty pounds in fifteen years. Goes to show you that speed diets and other lose 50 lbs in 5 weeks and other things like that is just not sustainable.

There was just a gradual increase, some years more than others, but over the long term, gaining 50 lbs just isn't that significant if you just gain a little bit each year. How does this deal with finance? Well, saving a little bit every year doesn't sound like a big deal, but over 15 years, even a little bit adds up to a lotta bit.

Anyways. Where am I now? I've joined the GYM at work. Costing $10 a bi-week. This is money that I should have spent earlier. I am eating better and doing consistent exercise. I'm going to slowly lose this belly fat as well as regain what I had after college, around 150-160 range.

My goal for this year is to lose 20-30lbs and hopefully keep that weight off. It's not a significant amount, but even if I can't do it in one year, I'll hopefully start a habit of watching not only what I spend, but also what I put in my MOUTH. Lord help me.

For my health and for the health of my offspring.




  1. Wow, that's a pretty aggressive goal... and could work against you if you get discouraged by not keeping up with the weight loss. Max healthy weight loss is about 2lb/week, which you'd need to maintain through the end of the year to reach your goal. Maybe aim for losing that much in 6 months?

    Between college and my first few years out, my weight fluctuated ~30 pounds or so. Keeping food logs helped me a lot with portion control. Just paying attention to what I eat made a big difference. If you want to try it out, I use:

    You can log food, exercise, weight, share recipes, join challenges, etc.

  2. Yup, I'm currently stabilized around the 180lbs. I'm realizing it takes a conscious effort in seeing what I intake as well as the exercises I do.

    My normal food intake means I will not lose any weight. I need like you said portion control.