Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where should we start?

Just went through the six month review of the finances with my wife.  Where did we start?

Here is a list of articles that we went through:

Financial Goals for 2010 - I wrote this at the beginning of the year.  How are we doing?
Average American Budget - A good comparison on how we spend compared to average Americans
Family Budget for 2010
Net worth as of June 30, 2010

What are we spending our money on?
Basic spending over the last months - broken down by categories
Expenses:Food - what have spent over the past three years?
Expense:Auto and Gas - spending on cars over the past three years
Comparing Renting vs. Buying - Our decision to buy vs. renting

What are our goals for the future?
Goals for Saving for College
Travel planning
Giving Goals for 2010

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