Saturday, May 1, 2010

Net Worth 2010 April (+9.79%)

End of month report for April 2010.

In comparison with March, we were up nearly 9.79%.

House price had a slight increase, we paid off credit card bills and investments slightly higher as well as tax refund..

It looks like we have made great gains this month. In actuality, one of the houses in our neighborhood sold higher, lifting up our prices. But like I said in an earlier post, values of our house should not really be counted in net worth.

Our investment has gone up mainly due to tax refund that came in and more being invested. I have been consulting with my older sister and we are trying to solidify a good investment strategy for the long term.

I moved around some of the money. Our savings have been moved to our E-trade account, checking stays in our Apple account, and large majority of our investing are now done in retirement accounts: my TSP (government version of 401k) and our ROTH IRAs, with a small percentage in college funds. I really want to invest more, but we only have about 3 months worth of savings. Main reasons for such a small savings account are due to:

1. Maxing out Roth IRAs
2. Accelerating mortgage payments
3. An early vacation + parties
4. continued giving

I like Ramit's automated finances. I think I've been doing a hybrid version, so trying to implement it better.

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