Thursday, April 1, 2010

Net worth is Rubbish (April Fools)

Been posting recently how our net worth nearly doubled in 2009-2010. To put us back into better perspective are a few articles I ran across.

Your net worth is rubbish and Your net worth is an illusion @ Financial Samurai.

Net worth is a joke, cash flow is better @ Moneymonk

Since most of our money is tied up in retirement accounts and our home, our net worth isn't as much as we think it is. Since your house is only as much as someone will pay for it and you will get hit with a penalty if you tried withdrawing from your 401k, TSP, IRA, retirement accounts.

In any case, here are the latest updates March 2010 Networth (+5.42%):

Investments grew at a disproportionate rate. We are continuing to pay down the mortgage trying to reach the ever elusive 80% LTV. Savings are at a regular amount and despite our two major spending binges (vacation and birthday party) we are trudging along as expected.

Here's a look at our ride up from the pits in 2009:

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