Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Articles

Here are some good articles I read recently... good in the sense, it was either funny and entertaining, educational, and/or just plain good advice...

Friend discovers Hubby's High Credit Card Debt and Screams "I want a Divorce" @ Wealth Pilgrim.
Wow, read this article and thought how fortunate we have been in being able to deal with finances and being reasonable with it...

Saying No to Fitting In by Simple in France @ Early Retirement Extreme. This one was a little bit like how I feel a lot of the time. I think my wife and I are living a lifestyle that is far different than what our extended family's standards/expectations are. But I also find myself at odds and sometimes in heated debates with those that are different. (like this weekend with my dad). But in any case, saying no to fitting is a very good philosophy to have. Wise in some instances, foolish in others.

Gold and Real Estate seems like two great investments... Steadfast Finances does a comparison between Median Home Price Measured in Gold from this perspective, it look likes housing prices might continue to fall a little bit and gold prices might continue to go up. We'll see about that. On a side note, my in-laws want us to sell some of our gold jewelry. I'm hesitant...

For more value investing tips, The Digerati Life describes the Dogs of the Dow Investing Strategy or Brilliant Marketing?. Digerati examines whether buying highest paying dividend payers in the Dow will produce above average returns.

And lastly, with some tongue in cheek humor Betting Against the American Dream from Alexander Hotz posted by CalculatedRisk

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