Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eating out!

I love eating out. My wife loves eating out. My wife loves Korean food. But eating out is expensive and eating Korean food out is expensive. Fortunately for us, my wife discovered a cheaper alternative. Buying the food at the local grocery and making it at home. I know not the same, but I think she did a pretty good job last Friday.

We had a group of people over, old friends from a different era. Nine in all, had we each gotten a dish + drinks + tip it would have been well over $15 per person... For nine people thats about $135.

Instead, my wife bought the meat raw/frozen, fresh veggies, kimchi, and other side dishes for around $60. And because we bought so much, we even had plenty left over for additionatl meals. So we saved almost $80 by staying home, grilling Korean BBQ (kalbi and bulgogi) and enjoyed the company of old friends. Plus our kids had a place to run around when they were done. Usually at a restaurant, they're cooped up in their chairs that they become very restless.

So with a little bit of planning, I think we're going to host more dinners at our place in the near future. We've been doing about 2-3 times a month for the previous few months and have enjoyed the company (although a lot of stress in planning) but I think the steep learning curve is slowly flattening down.

Let's see what we're going to have next...

What can a budget (and a bit of planning) do for you?

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  1. Nice! We've been coming to the same conclusions. Inviting people over is definitely cheaper, especially if there's drinking. Even if we host and cover all costs instead of going out and splitting cost, it's pretty close.