Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Net Worth: March 2010

March has been really spectacular since we will have our girls' birthday party later this month and we just came back from our California trip. We have spent a bundle this month, but fortunately everything has been budgeted. We are in the rush of a huge stock market rally in which we have benefited tremendously as well.

As you can see from last month's net worth, our mortgage principal has been paid down by almost $1000.

Credit cards have been used a lot for this trip. I even got a call from Citibank wondering if there was any fraudulent activity. As for our investments, we haven't put any new money in there besides TSP contributions but it has grown by about 6% this past month from $71,731 to $75,967.

TSP has grown to about $35,942
Fidelity IRAs are at a respectable: $26,664
College Fund is now at $3,163 (and growing)

As for other savings, we transferred 2 of our car's auto insurance provider to GEICO from Farmers, saving us almost $200 a year.

I'll update later concerning our cell phone bill...

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