Friday, January 29, 2010

2009 Giving and 2010 Goals


I was looking at our giving for 2009, and on the surface it looks pretty good, but after going a bit deeper, I discovered some things we could be doing better. According to we gave away almost $9k, about 12% of total income, in 2009. But the question is who did we give to? About $5.7k was given to church tithes and offerings 60% of total giving, $2.5k in gifts we gave people 30%, and the remaining 10% we gave to various other charities.

So who did we give to? The tithes and offerings went straight to church and other missions organizations. Our giving were a splattering of birthday parties, newborn baby parties, weddings, gifts to friends and familes, etc.

We probably can give 13-15% of income without feeling pinched, 20%+ should be our goal. I hope as a family, we can "Make all we can, Save all we can, so that we can Give all we can."

Let us be a family disciplined in how we spend, how we save, and how we live.

As the previous sermons we've listened to said, the focus really isn't how much we are giving, but how much we are keeping for ourselves. As stewards of God's money, we need to be aware constantly that money is only an instrument for us to use to bring about a greater good.

Let His Kingdom Come!

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